The synths took everything. Even our dreams.

The Dream Merchant

The Dream Merchant

Voltaire wants to experience love. Unfortunately for him, he's a machine.

Voltaire spends each night installing a new dream, hoping the next one will make him more human. No matter how many he's utilized, they always fail him... until he meets the dream merchant.

Erin is a human enslaved in a synth's world. She spends her days unconscious, dreaming of all the things she's lost, only to have those dreams ripped from her by the dream merchant. When she first sees Voltaire, she knows he might be the key to her escape.

In a topsy-turvy world where machines rule and humans obey, Voltaire and Erin find a way to connect. They could positively change things for all, but they'll have to hurry before their forbidden relationship is found out. The dream merchant is hot on their trail, and will do anything to get her property back, even if it means Voltaire's life.

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